Betting Sites That Accept Paysafecard

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

Find the Best Paysafecard Betting Sites

Paysafecard betting has its specifics that pertain to the very nature of this online payment method. Paysafecard is available in more than 40 countries worldwide and you need no bank account or a credit card to open an account and start Paysafecard betting.

Bookmakers which accept Paysafecard are numerous. Close to 60 out of 100 of the best online bookmakers are accepting Paysafe. Sure, we have other payment methods as well like Skrill and PayPal but Paysafe is a company here to stay and provide a good alternative to bettors all over the world.

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What is Paysafecard for Betting

You can find numerous top sites that accept Paysafecard because it is a safe method to deposit money with your favorite sportsbook. One thing you should know is that you use your Paysafecard only for depositing money and not for withdrawing your winnings from betting.

When you use Paysafecard for withdrawals, you should have a bank account for the money to be processed. There are also deposit minimums but they compare well with all the other payment methods. When you place wagers at Paysafecard bookies, you can choose between deposit minimums in the range of $10 to $20, which is quite affordable.

One more thing you should know is that Paysafecard deposits are always free and do not depend on the payment method you are using.

Bookmakers with Paysafecard

As we said, there are many online bookmakers that use Paysafecard but you still need to check with each individual bookmaker. Actually, the best way to find which are the online bookmakers that use Paysafecard is to explore the site of the Paysafe to find the sportsbooks that work with them directly.

How to Use an Online Bookmaker with Paysafecard

When placing a wager at an online bookmaker with Paysafecard, you need to do a few things before that. Let us be clear, it works in a different way compared to Neteller or PayPal. It is an online prepaid payment method whose goal is to make your online purchases, or wagers, more secure and safe. The Internet is not the safest place to shop or make bets, so you need a secure method to deposit money.

Paysafe provides you with a 16-digit PIN to use and it represents the amount you have entered into your card. Therefore, you need not enter a debit or credit card number or a bank account number. No personal details are required when you make bets at Paysafecard betting sites, you just use your 16-digit PIN code and that is all.

You, in fact, use real cash to place wagers but using a digital payment method. The only problem is that they allow you to fund the account in increments, so you need to start with small amounts before being allowed to put a larger sum in your Paysafe account.

Why Paysafecard Betting Is Advantageous

Well, we have many factors to consider when placing bets online – security, affordability and ease of use, to name a few. What makes Paysafe betting different is that it is the first online prepaid method available in Europe.

It is a huge market, as you know, and becoming a leader in Europe is not an easy thing. When you place bets at Paysafecard bookies, you get the regulatory protection while you keep your details safe. In the same time, you can always keep enough funds to bet on sporting events or even place wagers in-play.

Are Paysafecard Betting Sites Safe

We have many prepaid payments services and most of them are safe. To put it simple, betting at online bookmakers that use Paysafecard is a safe and secure method to place a wager. The very payment service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which makes it a secure shop to store money and use it for financial transactions of any kind.

As we said above, your betting account will consider your Paysafe funds as cash, the same way you go at the good old brick-and-mortar bookmaker. A good practice, however, is to not register a bank account when your conduct Paysafecard betting, as this adds a layer of security to your online transactions.

Because of the very nature of the PaySafe payment method, a good number of online betting sites do not allow you to withdraw your winnings directly using Paysafecard. What you can do in this case is to have an alternative and secure payment method just for withdrawing money. You can use, for example, services such as Skrill or Neteller, which are also secure and quite affordable.

What Perks You Get with Paysafecard Bookies

Many people will tell you that Paysafecard is not the most popular method to place wagers online and to make withdrawals. This is not quite true, though. Even some casinos are accepting Paysafecard, which in turn means it is a secure and reliable method to make payments.

One of the major advantages you get when you are depositing money at Paysafecard betting sites is that you pay no fees for funding your account. When you sign up for their program called “my paysafecard”, you get additional benefits such as managing all your PINs from a single account and getting loyalty bonuses every time when you use your Paysafecard.

Betting on the Go with Paysafecard Bookmakers

We are all mobile these days and no bookmaker that accepts Paysafecard will deny your transaction if it is made using a mobile device.

Paysafecard have an application called, guess how, Paysafecard app and you can access from anywhere and anytime. You can check your Paysafecard balance using a smartphone or another mobile device with an operating system and it works on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Having access to your Paysafecard on the go is important feature as then you check balances and deposit money at your Paysafecard bookmaker at any time. It is as easy as that.

Concluding Words on Paysafecard Betting

What you need to know about Paysafecard betting sites is that there are plenty of them and your transactions will always be secure. Actually, sites that accept Paysafecard are part of the family of Skrill and Neteller as they are under one roof. Over a billion dollars were paid to Paysafe in the past, and now they are part of a group of very reputable companies when online payments and online betting is concerned.

Bookmakers that accept Paysafecard are here to stay. It might not be the most popular online payment method around but it is still a reliable and secure way to place a wager at an online sportsbook. One thing that you should always bear in mind is that it is a free and affordable method to deposit money with your bookmaker but in the same time you might need another online payment method or e-wallet to withdraw your winnings.

As we are always telling you, you need to check if Paysafecard is right for you. Some bettors prefer other payment methods, which does not mean Paysafecard is not working. Quite the opposite, Paysafecard and Paysafecard betting is working but you need to decide for yourselves whether it suits your needs and preferences.

March 9, 2018


All the best bookies are betting sites that take paysfecard i.e. Betfair, Pinnacle, WilliamHill. Deposit are free and the minimum deposit is very good with paysafecard.