Betting On Sports

Sports betting has been around for ages and while some people are involved solely in for the pure thrill, others manage to bring in substantial profits. Betting on sports online is fairly simple, but if you want to be successful, first and foremost you must understand the concept of value. This is a simple idea, but most of the punters do not get it and don’t know how to capitalize on it, which provides winning opportunities for the more experienced and skillful gamblers.

In the industry of betting on sports for a living, your aim each day is to find the undervalued markets and profit from them. The most difficult part is to recognize the value and to regularly spot it you will need to spend many hours practicing. As soon as you learn how to recognize the value and judge correctly implied probabilities, it will become much easier for you to achieve wealth through wagering on sports.

What does it take to be a successful bettor?

If you want to be prosperous in betting, then math is a something you should have no problems with as at the end it is all about numbers and how these numbers mirror probabilities. You also need to understand how bookies make their odds. Simply put, usually, bookmakers' odds will be based on their expectations on what the masses will bet on and not the actual chances of the outcome of the event.

This is to say that great value bets can be found in major sporting events such as horse racing competitions, the Super Bowl, Cup finals and Grand Slam tournaments. These events will appeal considerably to regular bettors who typically gamble just for fun and have no idea of how to implement a profitable betting strategy.

In order to make money by sports betting, it is crucial to choose the right bookmakers who will let you play, and not limit or completely ban you once you start winning. Luckily, there are particular sportsbooks which will not stay in your way once you start being successful in your wagering. Among the leading and most trustworthy bookies of this kind are Pinnacle and SBObet which business strategies are based on high volumes and low winning margins.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the betting exchanges. With betting exchanges, there is no risk of being locked when you start winning as you play directly against other punters in the exchange, and not against the bookie. Some of the leading exchanges these days are Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook.

You need to keep in mind that getting rich from laying wagers is not an easy task and it won't come quick, but we at azbookmakers will be happy to give you useful sports tips on betting. It is important to remember that you will have to adopt a long-term mindset and patience as betting is more like a marathon than a sprint. Also, you must have a viable bankroll on your disposal, but along the process, you have to be very careful with how you manage your funds and stakes as bad decisions can quickly drive you into bankruptcy.

To sum up, there is nothing certain in the world of betting and you can't accept anything for granted. The truth is that you will have to put plenty of efforts, but the good news is that getting rich from gambling is possible as long as you figure out how to find value, find the right bookmakers to use and manage your bankroll effectively. We possess an in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience in the industry and will be more than willing to help you on this journey with our articles, reviews and betting tips which you can find on our site.

Types of bets

There is no best type of sports bet as it all depends on the gambler, the specific sport, and the circumstances. We recommend that you learn all types of bets because it is crucial to know how they work so you can be in a good position to exploit the most profitable opportunities. Below we have provided you with simple explanations of the main types of bets. Please, be aware that some wagers can differ depending on your territory of residence and therefore you must be absolutely familiar with the certain bet, before placing it.

Money line/Win bet - this is the easiest and most popular type of wager that you can choose and can be used almost in every sport. Basically, you will be backing the team/player that you believe will win a particular match or contest.

Point spreads - these are especially popular in the USA on football and basketball matches, but they can also be applied to other sports. This concept illustrates how many points are awarded or subtracted from teams' total and you have to predict which team will cover the spread. It is usually shown as (-2), (-3), (+1), (+4), etc.

Handicap - this is quite similar to point spreads wagering and is used worldwide in sports like soccer, tennis, rugby and basketball as well as in racing events such as horse racing. Points or goals are added or subtracted or in other words, virtual advantage or disadvantage is given to contestants. There three types of Handicap and namely: Level Handicap, Single Handicap and Split Handicap.

Totals - Over/Under - this is a very popular type of betting and offered on a range of sports. In this wager, the bookie predicts a total number of goals, points or runs scored by both teams or individually in the game and you bet on whether the total will be higher or lower than the initially set figure.

Betting scandals

Betting on virtual sports has brought about several major scandals which to a certain extent have damaged the reputation of the sportsmanship of some of the most popular sports. Manipulation of sporting events could take several forms such as spot-fixing (actions of the player are fixed), point shaving (players influence the score by missing shots), match-fixing (the overall score is fixed) and unfair calls from officials at important moments.

One of the biggest wagering scandals exploded in 1919 during the MLB World series when eight players of Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally fixing the scores against Cincinnati Reds Others major scandals include the illicit gambling of the former MLB player Pete Rose while being an MLB manager, and the calls of the former NBA referee Tim Donaghy who in 2007 was charged with making calls that affected point spread in games. Additional famous scandals are the Boston College Football scandal in 1996, The 1951 Points Shaving scandal and the Damien Oliver's Horse Racing scandal in 2010.