Online Betting by Country

Betting on sports is a hobby that many people in the world share, regardless of their state of residence, culture, customs, and religious views. Initially, people have gambled in land-based casinos and sports shops, but ever since the internet age has emerged, the industry has been booming as it became much easier for players to engage in their loved activity.

Gambling Laws Around The World

The gambling industry is generating billions of dollars in bets each year and governments are trying to capitalize on that by all means. In some countries gambling is illegal, but in spite of that, enormous profits are still being generated. Usually, in these territories, a great number of illegal sports bookies are situated.

A typical example of that is China where most forms of betting are prohibited, but the country is still home of some of the biggest Asian bookmakers worldwide. The whole industry is so profitable, that hundreds of operators are being ''secretly'' allowed to offer their services in unregulated territories.

In some countries, players manage to find a way to elude the betting laws, but in others, lawbreakers can be strictly penalized or even imprisoned. For instance, in Pakistan, you can get in serious trouble, if you get caught making illegal bets.

At present, the legislative landscape varies by country and it may be a tricky task to find out which restrictions apply to your state of residence. This is why we at azbookmakers constantly delve into these regulations to provide you with accurate information such as what forms of betting are legal in the certain area and how strict are restrictions being imposed.

Despite being so popular, the industry has its gloomy outlook. Over the years it has been a subject of many scandals such as the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, the 1978-79 Boston College basketball point-shaving scandal and of course, the allegations of match-fixing in European football. Thus the USA took actions to ban wagering by passing the (PASPA) Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. From this point betting on sports in most of the states has been practically banned (except in Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana), but that hasn’t stopped punters to keep spending enormous amounts of money, gambling online.

There are many regulations related to sports betting in the USA, but all these are quite complex to understand and the question is gambling legal still remains. Our advice to Americans is that you only use our recommended list of bookmakers in order to avoid trouble. After all, laws about online wagering in the country are somewhat vague and are generally meant to regulate site owners and not individual players.

Recommend Bookmakers by Country

It is almost impossible to recommend one online betting outlet for everyone, although some big sites do a great job to appeal to a large group of people. Therefore, we believe that the best thing to do is to provide you with relevant information specifically tailored to individual countries. In this section we will talk about wagering options, accepted payment methods, currencies and level of customer support in your preferred language, licensing details and others. In addition, you can find useful information on how and where to claim sign-up bonuses and what are their terms and conditions, as some of them can be very hard for claiming.

Our primary focus is on the reputation of each betting site because ultimately you want to play bookie or poker room which makes regular payouts and protects your account details. Fortunately, there are dozens of honest operators in each country with numerous markets and opportunities for fair betting on sports.

It is important to note that our team of experienced players spends long hours researching the international sites we recommend, before testing them rigorously with real money. We are endlessly doing our best to update our reviews with correct and up-to-date information, but given that this is a very dynamic environment, sometimes we may have some inaccuracies. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you spot any discrepancies or if you just want to share helpful information with our readers.

So, start exploring our reviews because we promise that we will bring you to the right place so you can freely indulge in your passion for online betting.